Woven wraps
size 4 – 3.6m
size 5 – 4.2m
size 6 – 4.6m
size 7 – 5.2m

Ring Slings
size S – 1.8m
size M – 2.1m
size L – 2.3m

Hybrid Carrier
Our carriers are a half buckle – the waist belt is fastened with a buckle and the shoulder straps are a wrap’s material.
size Standard
A body panel=38cm, it is ideal for children about 1-year-old
size Standard+
A body panel=40cm, it is ideal for children about 2-year-old
size Toddler
A body panel=43cm, it is ideal for children about 3-year-old or for larger 2-year-olds

Our other products are shopping bags, sackpack and hip bags. Shopping bags are very capacious, their size is about 41x41cm. Sackpacks are available with or without lining, in dimensions 41x40cm. Hip bags are produced in two sizes. A smaller M measuring approximately 24x8cm and a larger L being about 28x13cm

Sweatshirts for children and adults
They are produced only on your request. Their production time is approximately 2-3 weeks (depending on current orders). You can always order them in pre-orders and from scraps (small and standard) available on the website.

Children’s sweatshirt costs 20€.
For adults, we offer two versions. The price of the one with a larger piece (includes the whole main motif) is 27€. Sweatshirt with a smaller scrap (second motif or incomplete main motif) costs 25€.

Size chart is located underneath the photos. In examples below the girl is wearing size 92 and both adult versions are XS.

Adults sizes

Bust [cm]889296100104108112
Waist [cm]70747882869094
Hip [cm]9498102106110114118

Children sizes*

Chest [cm]55565758596062,5
Waist [cm]52535455565758
Hip [cm]56586062646668
*larger sizes of children’s sweatshirts are available on request and cost 25€

Our scraps sizes
giant – (1,5×1,4m)
big – (0,8 x1,4m or 1,6×0,7m)
standard – (0,3×1,4m or 0,6×0,7m)
small – (0,2×1,4m or 0,4×0,7m)
micro – smaller than small scraps